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Tuesday - August 20, 2019 
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Returning Thoughts

by Paul Rupnow, Director, Reverse Logistics Systems, Andlor Logistics System, Reverse Logistics Systems

Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 56

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Reverse Logistics is evolving very rapidly. Keeping on top of the new trends, methods and “Best Practices” is an incredible challenge. But, what if you held a meeting with a room full of Reverse Logistics professionals to discuss your challenges, issues and needs? And what if the participants at the meeting gave you immediate feedback and instant answers to your questions? How much better could your Reverse Logistics team perform? How much more money could you recover from your returned assets? How much cost could you take out of your returns processing?

This “Virtual Meeting” is available to you now. The Reverse Logistics Association and their committees recently have created a very powerful environment for learning and sharing Reverse Logistics knowledge, wisdom and best practices. The Committees are now hosting interactive webinars with group discussions on topics provided by YOU.

The technology of on-line group meetings allows us to get a room full of Reverse Logistics professionals together to share and learn new trends, challenges and best practices “On Demand” (well, almost on demand since the groups meet monthly). Educational courses are great, but they are even better when you can participate and ask questions directly related to your needs to help solve the issues and problems you are facing today at your organization. And it is even better when the answers to your questions are not coming from one person, but from several other Reverse Logistics professionals who are in the session with you.

But more importantly, each and every presenter and participant of these sessions has learned a lot from attending the interactive webinars to date. We know this because they keep coming back for more. The committees are becoming a “community” of Reverse Logistics knowledge.

Below is a list of all the sessions to date. And if you missed a session, don’t worry, they are available for download.

Interactive Webinars Coming Soon
Friday, October 11, 2013 - Eric Arnum of Warranty Week - Warranty Accounting Standards - hosted by the Standards Committee

Register at the RLA Standards Committee web page -

Thursday, October 17, 2013 - Roger Levi of Intel - Better, Faster Returns Processing and Data Collection - hosted by the Software Committee Register at the RLA Software Committee web page -

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - hosted by the Consumer Products committee with a guest speaker to be announced, but be sure to attend since this is always a lively group to learn best practices from. Register at the RLA Consumer Products Committee web page -

Completed Webinars for Downloading
Completed Interactive Webinars with webinar slides and audio available for viewing at the RLA Consumer Products Committee web page :

Hosted by the Consumer Products Committee:
Tony Sciarrotta of Reverse It Sales & Consulting - discusses how to prepare your business case with the Return Savings Calculator spreadsheet from the article “Finance is from Mars and Reverse Logistics is from Venus”. Webinar date July 24, 2013

Kathy Murphy of Jarden Consumer Solutions (better know by their brands such as Oster, Sunbeam, Mr, Coffee) - Case Study: Implementing a Re-manufacturing Program. Webinar date Jun 26, 2013

Tim Quinn of BJ’s Wholesale Club - interactive discussion on Accounting Challenges of Reverse Logistics - webinar date May 29, 2013

Dave Moloney of Google - interactive discussion on Creating the Best Customer Experience around the Advanced Exchanges. Webinar date April 24 2013
Chris Galletto of OfficeMax - interactive discussion on Establishing the Right Package of Metrics to Measure Reverse Logistics Performance and to Drive Improved Internal/External Behavior. Webinar date March 27 2013

The Best Part About These “Best Practice” Webinars
The best part about these best practice webinars is that they are about YOU. If you have challenges, need wisdom or want to get educated in existing or emerging trends, YOU can request a topic, YOU can be part of the presentation group, YOU can just join in and listen or YOU can discuss your experiences to help others. The Chairpeople of these committees are very eager to hear from YOU and organize the next seminar to meet your needs. Contact them today. Join the “community”.

Good Luck!
Paul Rupnow
Reverse Logistics
Director, Reverse Logistics Systems, Andlor Logistics Systems Inc.
Editor - Reverse Logistics Professional Report Business Insights and Strategies for Managing Product Returns
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