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Saturday - August 24, 2019 
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Returning Thoughts

by Paul Rupnow, Director, Reverse Logistics Systems, Andlor Logistics System, Reverse Logistics Professional

Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 57

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Imagine handling Reverse Logistics product returns faster, with better data capture and no labor cost. Hard to imagine? Impossible you say? Maybe impossible today, but what about tomorrow? “If we want to significantly improve the Reverse Logistics receiving process, we need to start exploring and looking to the future”, says Roger Levi of Intel.

The Reverse Logistics Software Committee recently hosted the first of two Interactive Webinars with Roger Levi and John Reinhardt from Intel, to explore better ways to do bulk returns. But really these sessions are a Reverse Logistics “Think Tank”: sessions to gather Reverse Logistics professionals together to utilize their combined Receiving expertise to discuss better ways to process returns today, but also to drive a vision for the future. The Reverse Logistics teams and partners at Intel process thousands of returns, sometimes chips, sometimes full assembled units. Roger Levi has been challenged by John Rinehart to explore and find a better way.

The webinar topic: Challenge: Better, Faster Returns Processing and Data Collection: How can Intel “design and manufacture for Reverse Logistics Operations” with Roger Levi from Intel, an Interactive Webinar.

Today the ability to collect that data rapidly, accurately and cost effectively is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for bulk returns for credit. Roger Levi from Intel is currently exploring concepts in and around “design and manufacture for Reverse Logistics Operations” that can be leveraged to offset this daunting challenge and enable Intel to collect returns data (such as Part number, serial number, item count, warranty eligibility) with minimal handling, for bulk items such as components, motherboards, or even systems.

Roger Levi is the Global Reverse Logistics Data Services Manager for Intel Corporation. He has held multiple positions within Intel since joining in 1977. Currently his role is to collect, aggregate and provide reporting/analytical solutions for all of the naturally occurring reverse logistics data from the reverse logistics returns programs and processes.

Since this is an interactive discussion webinar, attendees are asked to please bring their knowledge, wisdom, experiences and suggestions to share with all participants.

For the session, Roger prepared a list of Receiving issues and topics he wished to review and discuss. The feedback from the group was so informative and encouraging that Roger asked to extend the session to a second date.

You can listen to the Session 1 Webinar from Thursday October 17 on the website at the Software Committee page.

Join us for Session 2 on Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 12:00 noon EST / 09:00 AM PST by registering at the link below. The session is free and all you need to bring is your knowledge, experiences and ideas.

Join us for the challenge! Help us think “Outside the Box” and get on the road to re-inventing Reverse Logistics Receiving.

Registration Link:
Paul Rupnow - Director, Reverse Logistics Systems, Andlor Logistics Systems Inc.
Editor - Reverse Logistics Professional Report Business Insights and Strategies for Managing Product Returns
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