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Saturday - August 24, 2019 
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Message from the Editor

by Felecia Przybyla, Media & Speaker Management, Reverse Logistics Association

Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 60

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It was a great week with so many RLA Members in Las Vegas joining together to be educated on Reverse Logistics Best Practices, 3PSPs showcasing their RL Services and Solutions, and several companies finding new business to better their company Reverse Logistics. Our Keynote Speaker from iRobot, Don Patch, Director of Global Logistics, gave a great keynote address on Engineering for Success, where we saw some fun robot usage and innovation, and useful

information on creating for RL success. I always enjoy meeting new members and putting a face to the names of the many Members I get to associate with daily throughout the year.

The energy at this year’s event was there, as always. Everyone was busy as many RL professionals were networking and meeting continually throughout the week. I’ve never seen our Private Meeting Rooms being used as often as they were this year – which was a great sign that our economy is improving and companies are better understanding Reverse Logistics and the importance it plays in their business.

I am excited for this month’s edition, covering the Lenovo Returns Center in Whitsett, NC. This group also came and gave a great presentation at our Conference last week in Las Vegas proving to our members what a little (or a lot) of time, motivation, ideas, and teamwork will do to improve your Reverse Logistics practices. Continue reading through this edition to find additional educational articles on Reverse Logistics, as well as webinar information, other RL events, and RLA information and tips.
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