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Tuesday - August 20, 2019 
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Get Paid For Junk
19 February 2014 - The pace at which technology changes renders gadgets obsolete in no time — adding to the world’s ever-growing electronic junk pile. Doomsayers paint a picture of e-waste mountains enveloping mankind, but if Karma Recycling has its way, it could end up saving the planet from such a catastrophe. Full Article

North American Class 6-8 Remanufactured Powertrain Components Aftermarket Sustained By Entry Of Sophisticated Systems
18 February 2014 - The entry of advanced class 6-8 powertrain systems that comply with new emission regulations will drive revenue for the North American remanufactured replacement components market over the next five to seven years. While intensifying competition from suppliers of new replacement parts will affect unit shipments for some products, the environmentally friendly image of remanufactured engines, transmissions, clutches and turbochargers will support ongoing demand among major truck fleet operators. Full Article

Carlsberg Circular Community Formed To Rethink Packaging
18 February 2014 - Carlsberg and selected global suppliers have joined forces to rethink the design and production of packaging material, to develop the next generation of packaging products that are optimized for recycling and reuse, while at the same time, retaining or improving their quality and value. Full Article

Jaguar Land Rover Eyes Remanufacturing As First Engine Plant Opens
17 February 2014 - Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) first dedicated engine plant could see engine remanufacturing become part of an increasingly closed-loop oriented business strategy, the company has said. Full Article

Caterpillar Invests $14.8 Million To Expand Its Plant In Corinth, Mississippi
17 February 2014 - Caterpillar will invest $14.8 million to expand its plant in Corinth, Mississippi, enabling the firm to produce C175 remanufactured engines and create 30 jobs. The Corinth facility is Caterpillar’s lead facility for large engine remanufacturing worldwide. Full Article

McMillon Challenges Wal-Mart And Suppliers In Ongoing Sustainability Push
17 February 2014 - In his first public forum as CEO of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Doug McMillon challenged employees and suppliers to innovate, saying he would push the envelope in testing these new ideas that will drive the retailer’s future growth. McMillon and several top executives took the stage in Bentonville on Monday (Feb. 17) for the retailer’s annual Global Sustainability Milestone Meeting. Full Article

Flipkart Rolls The Dice: Opening Up eKart To Competitors
14 February 2014 - Flipkart is opening up its logistics arm eKart Logistics to other operators and is currently running a pilot programme with an intention to roll out these services in the next few weeks, reports Economic Times. Full Article

E-Waste Systems To Open Recycling Unit In Ohio
14 February 2014 - E-Waste Systems Inc. will open an electronic waste recycling facility in Cincinnati. Full Article

Caterpillar Adding 30 Jobs In Corith For C175 Engine Refurbishings
14 February 2014 - Caterpillar Inc.’s Corinth plant is expanding to produce C175 remanufactured engines. The project represents a corporate investment of $14.8 million and will create 30 jobs. The Corinth plant is Caterpillar’s lead facility for large engine remanufacturing worldwide. Full Article

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