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Tuesday - August 20, 2019 
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Message from the Publisher

Message from the Publisher

by Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher, Reverse Logistics Association

Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 62

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RL in Brazil

Iíve just returned from a business trip in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil! What an amazing and upward economy. Every time I go to South America I return with a smile on my face as a result from the people that I meet. This time I visited the city of Curitiba in the State of ParanŠ, one of the southern states in Brazil. If I was to give you a comparison of cities in the USA I would compare Los Angles to Sao Paulo and Santa Barbara to Curitiba. Curitiba is very safe and was inhabited back in the 1850s by waves of European immigrants, mainly Germans, Italians, Poles and Ukrainians. The whole time I was there, I met only one person whose ancestry was from Portugal.

I was hosted by Dr. Marcelo Ivan Melek, President of Sinqfar and asked to present to The International Seminar on Reverse Logistics , conducted by Sinqfar on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 26th. The event exceeded all expectations, and had a large number of participants coming from associated companies, public agencies, waste management companies, directors of FIEP and six unions in other sectors.

I was invited to present insight on the process of Reverse Logistics as it is a key component to Brazilís new law that is going into effect this year. In 2010, Brazil finalized its National Solid Waste Policy; a cross-cutting law that aims to decrease the total volume of waste produced nationally and increases the sustainability of solid waste management from the local level to the national level. Public, domestic, industrial, mining, agro/forestry, transportation facility, construction, and health waste are all covered by this policy, and much of the responsibility for paying for or providing management of waste falls to its producers. Reverse logistics, based on the Ďpolluter paysí principle, provides a central component of the law, especially as it applies to (a) pesticides, hazardous waste, and associated packaging; (b) batteries; (c) tires; (d) lubricating oils and their packaging; (e) fluorescent bulbs, sodium and mercury vapor bulbs, and mixed-light bulbs; and (f) electronic products and components. The law outlines a variety of options for producers to work together within their sectors, with reverse logistics service providers, and with municipal and state governments to manage waste flows and to recapture, recycle, and ultimately dispose of these materials.

Make sure that you plan on coming to our European event in Rimini, Italy, May 21st - 23rd, 2014. We will have over 200 RL and Reman Professionals in attendance with over 40 exhibitors.

Best Regards,
Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher
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