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Tuesday - August 20, 2019 
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Innovation In Waste Prevention Initiative Launched
3 June 2014 - Kirklees businesses have been urged to band together with councils, charities and voluntary groups to prevent waste Ė with grants of up to £50,000 available to partnerships with the most innovative1 ideas. Full Article

Refind Refines Sorting System For 'Frontrunners'
2 June 2014 - Sweden: Sorting specialist Refind Technologies has launched a new system platform containing both software and equipment components for custom development of 'advanced identification' and sorting solutions for end-of-life and used electronics. Full Article

Remanufacturing Key To Sustainable Supply Chains
2 June 2014 - Remanufacturing drives sustainability, according to APICS Foundation research that finds 68 percent of respondents say sustainability is the primary advantage associated with remanufacturing and 41 percent already consider it a formal component of their organizationís sustainability policies. Full Article

Maximize Your Data, Optimize Your Operations
2 June 2014 - Even if your fleet consists of only a handful of trucks, chances are you make hundreds of decisions, including dozens on a momentís notice. Full Article

Comment: Is Warehouse Automation The Solution?
30 May 2014 - With the rise of online shopping, retail logistics professionals are faced with an increasing set of challenges from their rapidly growing eCommerce fulfilment operations. Full Article

GM Provides Rental Cars For Some Recalled Vehicles
30 May 2014 - Right now, General Motors is in a lot of trouble related to the recall that it had to issue on more than 2.6 million cars equipped with a defective ignition switch. As a result of the faulty ignition switches in both personal and rental cars, GM has been linked to the deaths of at least 13 people. Full Article

Remanufacturing Key To Growth In Supply Chain
29 May 2014 - New research from APICS Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advances supply chain and operations management innovation through research, publications, education and talent development, finds remanufacturing serves a broad array of strategic interests for companies, provides considerable career advancement potential for individuals and has become instrumental in furthering sustainability initiatives. Full Article

RLA Italy 2014 Conference Presentations now available for Download
28 May 2014 -- If you couldn't make it to Italy for the recent RLA/APRA Conference & Expo, you can still take advantage of the educational and enlightening Reverse Logistics Presentations that were given. Full Article

How HP And Kyocera Are Applying Circular Economy To Printing
28 May 2014 - Despite the advent of electronic media, much of our communication and documentation still leaves a paper trail. The environmental impacts of printing, from deforestation to energy use, remain significantly high and as print equipment manufacturers look for smarter ways to reduce their footprints, the application of product lifecycle analysis is coming to the fore. Full Article

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