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Monday - September 23, 2019 
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Message from the Editor

Message from the Editor

by Felecia Przybyla, Media & Speaker Management, Reverse Logistics Association

Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 65

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A year ago I moved across country to Cleveland, Ohio. We had to find a new internet/cable/phone service to use, so we selected one and had to have it installed into the temporary rental we moved into. When the technician arrived, we were made aware that our home was not properly set up for their services, and he would have to add a cable from the outside that comes into the inside, as well as add a back-up power supply for the phone, to be used when we might lose power. All was taken care of, and for the past year, we used the services with no issues.

A year later, just a few weeks ago, we moved to a new home, and of course had to have all of our services moved as well. We called the service provider, and scheduled a time for a technician to come out and re-install into our new home. At this time, we were told to be sure to disconnect all hardware, and bring it to the new home. We did this, and were ready with the technician arrived.

After a few bumps in the road with scheduling and miscommunication within the service company, we finally got a technician arrive and told us we didn’t have to bring the back-up power supply to our new home, because it wasn’t needed. We moved forward with the installation and a few hours later were connected to the world. The technician left our home, and we realized we still had this 10lb back-up power supply sitting in our tv room. My husband grabbed the unit, and ran out to the technician’s van. He told us that he didn’t need the unit, and that we could keep it. Of course, we didn’t want the 10lb battery unit, and have no use for it, so insisted that he take it, but he told us that he doesn’t take it back, that we can keep it, and if we don’t want it to just discard it ourselves.

Of course, my Reverse Logistics brain set off, and I was very confused as to why this service provider was not re-using the unit, or refurbishing the unit for other use, or discarding it themselves if they no longer needed it. Since this group has been a member of RLA, I contacted the Director of Reverse Logistics about the issue – and inquired about the unit, relaying the story. Fortunately, I got the response I was hoping for: “We had been collecting those BBU’s and recycling them at our Fort Worth facility for reuse so I’m not sure why the technician gave you that direction. Please work directly with [Name removed] and [Name removed] copied on this mail.”

I was so happy to see this response, to see that this Service Provider has taken the proper steps and already taken this unit into consideration within Reverse Logistics. It seems there was a lack of communication or error on the side of the technician, which will get worked out. However, in whatever business you are in, we always want to remember that Customer Service is a part of Reverse Logistics – and each Reverse Logistics department needs to take into consideration what our customers are doing with our “unneeded” parts, and consider making it our responsibility as well.

Thank you,
Felecia Przybyla
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