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Monday - July 22, 2019 
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Cops Seize 3 Trucks Laden With E-Waste
13 January 2015 - MORADABAD: Acting on a series of reports that appeared in this newspaper last year, police have taken action against the illegal disposal of electronic waste in Moradabad. Kathghar police recovered three vehicles laden with e-waste meant for illegal recycling on Tuesday, and also sealed a godown where the material was stocked. Full Article

Definition Of Solid Waste Rule Published
13 January 2015 - The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) welcomed the publishing of a rule revising the regulatory definition of “solid waste” (DSW) under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. William Allmond, SOCMA vice president of government and public relations issued the following statement: Full Article

Where Do Returned Gifts End Up? Probably Plainfield
12 January 2015 - Ohio businessman Mufeed Alkhalifa has a good thing going in West Africa. Full Article

City Can Say Goodbye To E-waste Very Soon
12 January 2015 - KOCHI: Kochi is all set to have a scientific collection, segregation and process mechanism for e-waste in the city. Full Article

Scandal As 280,000 Tons Of Recycling Ends Up As Landfill
11 January 2015 - About 280,000 tons of plastic and paper put into eco-friendly bins was treated as ordinary household waste last year because it was labelled “contaminated”. Full Article

How To Make Money Selling Your IT Assets
8 January 2015 - Have you ever considered the value of your company's old core processing units, or thought about how much that aging server could be worth? Many haven't, and instead only aim to get these used products out of sight, out of mind when a company decides it's time for an upgrade. Full Article

The Tyranny Of Distance: Reconciling Extended Producer Responsibility With Global Transportation
7 January 2014 - Product take-back, a form of extended producer responsibility (EPR), is an important way to implement more sustainable practices. Whether driven by the business case, ethics or legislation, product take-back promotes the practice of recycling, lifecycle assessment and design for durable reuse in secondary markets. It’s also a key component of a circular economy. Full Article

E-Waste Banned From Residual Waste In New York
7 January 2015 - A new law has come into effect in New York making it illegal for residents to discard of some electrical items via kerbside waste collections. Full Article

£4 Million Boost For Shropshire Caterpillar Plant
7 January 2014 - Years of recession bore their brunt on Caterpillar, which has its huge remanufacturing facility in Shrewsbury’s Lancaster Road. Full Article

MSNBC: RIT, Rochester In Remanufacturing Boom
6 January 2015 - MSNBC's Morning Joe last month posted a seven-minute segment on its websiteon how re-manufacturing is booming across the county, and interestingly enough Rochester is in the middle of it. Full Article

How Can RFID Eliminate The Waste Of Resources?
6 January 2015 - There are many ways, but each depends on your organization and the tasks you undertake. In general, radio frequency identification provides a faster way to count items. So it can reduce the amount of time required to conduct inventory counts by a factor of 20 or more. Full Article

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