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Tuesday - August 20, 2019 
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E-Waste Recycling Ramping Up In Israel Following New Epr Legislation
24 February 2015 - Israeli e-waste recycling firm, M.A.I. – Electronics Recycling, exceeded its new legally binding e-waste recycling target for 2014 of 4700 tonnes by 300 tonnes, according to a report in the Jerusalem Post. Full Article

Report Highlights Potential For Refrigeration Remanufacturing
23 February 2015 - Report highlights potential for remanufacturing to reduce both costs and carbon, with refrigerated display cases selected as a key area for improvement. Full Article

Remanufactured Aircraft
22 February 2015 - The world is not short of updated and refurbished business aircraft. However, few can be considered truly “remanufactured” with major airframe structure, avionics, new design engines, and fresh paint and interior installed. Full Article

How To Reduce The Toxic Impact Of Your Ex-Smartphone
20 February 2015 - The collective impact of all the iPhones and other devices we buy, use and then discard must be mind-boggling at this point. Has anyone quantified this and what can we do to start reducing waste from such items? Full Article

Toxic E-Waste Piles Up As Manufacturers End Free Recycling
20 February 2015 - Some 55 million pounds of e-waste could be recycled in 2015, but that's not likely to happen despite laws on the books Full Article

How 125 Million Old Smartphones Are Going To Waste
19 February 2015 - Your smartphone may be pretty clever, but it seems the processes for collecting old handsets are not: the vast majority are either dumped in landfill or left to gather dust in drawers. Reversing this trend could halve the carbon footprint of mobile devices and drive a second-hand market already worth $3bn a year in the US, a new report from Green Alliance has found. Full Article

Demystifying New EPA Rules For Recycling Selected Hazardous Wastes
19 February 2015 - The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and its state counterparts provide requirements to govern hazardous wastes during every step of their management, from “cradle to grave.” Full Article

‘Huge Opportunities’ In Reusing And Remanufacturing Smart Devices
19 February 2015 - Six new strategies for the reuse and remanufacturing of 'smart devices' could benefit sales, as well as cutting down on waste in the industry, a new report has claimed. Full Article

Logistics News: Frequent Shipping Errors Can Destroy Customer Relations
18 February 2015 - We have all seen the TV commercial where a lady who ordered a pair of red high-heals received a black pair instead. She was not happy! However, after a quick and easy returns process, she was delighted to receive the red pair and was “happy, happy, happy”. Full Article

DHL Recognised For Its Contribution In Developing Circular Economy
18 February 2015 - Global logistics firm Deutsche Post DHL has become a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100. Full Article

Over 157,000 Computers And E-Waste Refurbished Or Recycled
17 February 2015 - Dubai: Dubai Municipality has refurbished or recycled more than 157,000 laptops, desktops and other electronic devices since 2007, new figures show. Full Article

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