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Tuesday - August 20, 2019 
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Deutz To Supply Remanufactured Engine For Terex AWP Reconditioning Services In Oklahoma City
28 February 2017 - Deutz Corporation will provide Terex Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) Reconditioning Services, now located in Oklahoma City, with Deutz Xchange remanufactured engines. Full Article

Increasing Complexity In Parcel
28 February 2017 - The major parcel carriers continue to experience growth supported by upward trends in consumer on-line shopping as well as B2B on-line catalog buying. In the meantime, service promises of two-day and even same-day fulfillment for shippers and buyers is proving to be addictive Full Article

Sky\'s The Limit For RFID Technology, Chamber Told
28 February 2017 - Before long, companies might be able to use a drone to fly around inside a factory or warehouse and use radio frequency technology to check inventory or equipment, Dale Conerly told a group at the Knoxville Chamber on Tuesday. Full Article

Alexa Could Pick Up Your Next Customer Service Call
28 February 2017 - The next time you call an insurance company to complain, you might hear a familiar voice on the phone. Full Article

Apple Relaxes Its Long-Term Screen Repair Policy By Third Parties That Previously Renders The iPhone Warranty Void
27 February 2017 - Before, Apple had a long-standing policy that a device with a third-party display will void the iPhone warranty. In addition, they refused to perform any kind of repair on the device. Full Article Full Article

7 Reasons Customer Service Agents Lose Sales
24 February 2017 - After eavesdropping recently on a conversation between two people in a restaurant, I realized I’ve been remiss in talking more about “front of house” tactics as it relates to converting more shoppers into customers. In a restaurant or bar, the front of house team includes every employee you see during your visit — the host or hostess, the server, and even the busboy. Full Article

Scotland\'s Internationally Leading Role On The Circular Economy
23 February 2017 - The circular economy may not yet be a topic of conversation in the pub or the supermarket, and it’s likely that the average person in the street might not know what it is if asked, but nevertheless, it is an area that Scotland is internationally recognised as a pioneer in. Full Article

Durable And Circular For More A Sustainable Mobile Device Strategy
23 February 2017 - Consumerisation of mobile technology has had many benefits. It has driven down the prices of devices, improved the user experience to the benefit of non-technical users. Full Article

Dell Delivers Tech Industry\'s First Ocean Plastic Packaging
23 February 2017 - Unveiled on Wednesday (22 February) at the World Ocean Summit, the packaging will act as a tray for Dell’s XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop. The company has stated that the packaging will prevent 16,000 pounds of plastic from entering into oceans in 2017. Full Article

Jeep Australia Launches Five-Year Warranty And Lifetime Roadside Assist
23 February 2017 - The new boss of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Australia, Steve Zanlunghi, has made his mark today with the launch of an improved ‘Jeep There and Back’ warranty and service deal. Full Article

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