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Friday - March 22, 2019 
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RLA Member’s Corner

RLA Member’s Corner

by , , DELL

Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 85

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How did your company come to find RLA?
We were looking for a global forum to collaborate around industry challenges.  RLA provided that forum for us to talk about current issues, meet new vendors, and collaborate with existing partners. 

Why did your company decide to become a member?
Dell EMC has been going to RLA for years.  It is important that we stay connected to the industry as a whole.  We try to stay on the forefront of reverse logistics.  That said, we know how quickly new trends can emerge and we view RLA as one way we stay up on the evolution of our service supply chain. 

How has being a long time Member been beneficial to DELL?
The partnerships we have developed from meetings that started at RLA have been the most beneficial long term aspect.

Why does DELL attend our seminars/conferences, not just as an attendee, but as a participant/speaker?
It is important that everyone in the industry give back and collaborate.  We try to do that each year in various panels and speaking engagements. 

Tell us about one opportunity your company has benefited from and grown because of RLA.
At the last RLA forum in Las Vegas we spoke on a panel about Fraud.  From that we have had some productive interaction with other companies that had similar issues.  Again, it is the purposeful collaboration that pays dividends. 

“The primary reason I continue to stay engaged with RLA is our focus on solving issues
across the reverse logistics supply chain. RLA is not just about seminars and networking it
is around solving challenging problems by leveraging leaders across multiple industries,
and academia.” — Tom Maher, Senior VP Global Service Parts - Dell, Inc.

“Reverse Logistics Association has consistently evolved over more than a decade,
providing a unique platform focused on sharing expertise & avenues of optimizing returns
in reverse logistics. More and more organizations are benefitting from synchronized
supply chains which vitally includes the reverse logistics as a way to increase velocity,
enhance revenue from service markets and also achieve sustainability goals.”
— Yogesh Sarin, Director, Supply Chain, Dell EMC
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