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Tuesday - June 25, 2019 
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RLA Member’s Corner

RLA Member’s Corner

by Jade Lee, President and CEO, Supply-Chain Services, Inc.

Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 91

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Supply-Chain Services, Inc. (SSI) has been in business over 20 years. Our mission is to empower our customers as sustainability leaders. The core services of SSI include Reverse Logistics Management, Circular Supply Chain Strategy, Optimal IT/Technology Asset Value Recovery, Secure Data Destruction, Electronics Recycling, Parts Harvest/Fulfillment, Product trade-In/Takeback Program Management, etc. We provide services to major manufacturers, enterprise customers, data centers, medical centers, Federal government agencies, and educational institutions, etc.

Jade Lee, President & CEO, has played a key role in helping develop the industry certification standard Responsible Recycling (R2) as a member of the small stakeholder group assembled by the US EPA from 2006-2010. SSI holds 10 key certifications encompassing quality, environmental, health/safety and data destruction management

How did your company come to find RLA?
I was introduced to Gailen Vick, the founder of RLA by an OEM customer the first year that RLA was founded. We have worked with several OEM customers on their Reverse Logistics programs and have experienced the dynamics, complexity and challenges involved in product return management. I was excited to learn that an association was actually formed for this emerging and growing industry. Since then, I participated in most of the RLA conferences and some of the regional seminars.

Why did your company decide to become a member?
RLA’s annual conferences and regional seminars always provided a wealth of information that serve as a valuable platform whereby our management staff and I could acquire more in-depth knowledge on the critical driving forces that were compelling the advancement of this industry. It is very imperative to learn OEMs and retailers’ continued changing strategic vision and needs in order for SSI to enhance its service offerings and sharpen Best-in-Class operational infrastructure to meet the evolution of changes. It is also important to exchange ideas with good peers in the industry and establish collaborative relationship.

How has being a long time Member been beneficial to your company?
In addition to the knowledge enrichment benefits as mentioned previously, RLA provides SSI with quality networking opportunities with target customers. After Tony Sciarrotta took the realm in 2016, he has worked diligently to bring RLA to the next level of growth. The result has been remarkable. Tony’s OEM background and his renown reputation as a thought leader have been invaluable for RLA to attract more OEMs and retailers. The content of conferences, seminars and committees are robust, forward thinking and Innovative.

What parts of the RLA Membership do you find most beneficial?
I think one of the most beneficial aspects of RLA’s membership is that RLA has a variety of Committees. I actually started the “Sustainability and Environmental Management Committee” many years ago under the encouragement of Gailen. Today, the Committees have evolved to reflect current trends and needs in the industry. I would like to participate in more committees to enjoy the dynamics of exchanging thoughts and ideas with committee members as well as continuing to advance knowledge.

SSI is a Bronze member. This membership level gives us opportunities to publish whitepapers and share our strategic perspectives, specific knowledge and know-how with readers. The Reverse Logistics Magazine has published two of my whitepapers on Reverse Logistics Management and it was gratifying to receive good feedback from readers.

Why does your company attend our seminars/conferences, not just as an attendee, but as a participant/speaker?
I have been very active in our respective industries over 20 years and have a wealth of thoughts and information that I have acquired over the years to share with audiences in terms of best practices, management systems, circular economy strategies, challenges, new opportunities, data security, legislations that impact the stakeholders, etc. This is my great passion and it is always stimulating to exchange thoughts with RLA conference participants and fellow panelists afterwards.

What at the RLA events do you find most beneficial?
I always enjoy participating at the annual RLA conference as it is robust and dynamic with good networking opportunities. I also enjoy the smaller regional seminars whereby the setting is more intimate and I can have more in-depth conversation with speakers and participants.

As RLA plans to develop more webinars, I would love to join or serve as a presenter in the future. It is another effective avenue to learn and share/exchange thoughts while saving travel expenses.

Tell us about one opportunity your company has benefited from and grown because of RLA.
At the last RLA conference in February, we had opportunities to meet with several target customers. We have since then had productive meetings with them. We are grateful for the opportunity that RLA brought to us by organizing such an outstanding conference!!
Jade Lee
Supply-Chain Services, Inc.
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