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Wednesday - July 26, 2017 
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Can Activist Investors Encourage Better Carpet Recycling?

20 July 2017 – The challenges on the road to a circular economy are evident within the carpet industry.The U.S. sector produces about 12 billion square feet of carpet and rugs per year. Around 91 percent of end-of-life carpet is discarded in landfills, 4 percent is incinerated and 5 percent is recycled.

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IBM Intros Watson Tone Analyzer To Make Chatbots Emotionally Astute

20 July 2017 – IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence platform is getting a new enhancement that will help the system detect human emotion in customer service situations.

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Three Stories From The Frontline of Circular Design

19 July 2017 – Incumbent business can, should and are taking a leading role in the shift to a circular economy, and will get attention for doing so. However, theres another important tier of the economy that plays a vital role.

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Plastic Is Everywhere And Recycling Isn\'t The End Of It

19 July 2017 – Few inventions in modern history have been as successful as plastic. It’s in vehicles and building materials and most of our electronic devices. We wrap stuff in it and even wear it.

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Analysis: FedEx May Have To Compromise Between Growth And Profitability

18 July 2017 – There are some questions about Amazon. I think I answered that in my rather long-winded thing (previously). Amazon is a fantastic company and it delivers things to all of us

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