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A preview of RLA’s Conference & Expo in Singapore - September 26th-28th, 2011
By RLA Staff
We are very happy to announce that we have moved to a new venue at the footsteps of the exciting Clarke Quay!
Meeting the Aftermarket Service Requirements Of Medical Device Manufacturers
Page 12
Sustainable Packaging Solution for Reverse Logistics Can Add Millions to Your Bottom Line
By Paul Cannon, Ecospan
As the demand for consumer electronic devices continues to explode globally, so too does waste generation! Certainly, there is the electronic waste generated at the end of a device’s life but there is also significant waste generated multiple times in the forward and reverse logistics processes for these same devices.

Page 26
Bringing Standardization to Asset Recovery Logistics
By John Powers, Century Elevators
With increased governmental emphasis, evolving societal awareness and an understanding of the potential to increase bottom-line financial performance for their organizations, manufacturers and large corporations are embracing the concepts of proper E-waste disposal and ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) programs for product return streams for consumer electronics, computer recycling and IT asset recovery.

Page 28
My Summer Internship at Reverse Logistics Association
By Katelynn Weber, Reverse Logistics Association
During my time working with the headquarters RLA staff, I have been able to observe the passion for overcoming Reverse Logistics challenges which is truly in the blood of RLA staff and their associates throughout the world. RLA has taught me how to think “in reverse” and ultimately outside the box. This internship has helped me to foresee a career path in RL and I cannot wait until RLA makes their RL certification program available.

Page 34
Vietnam: Greystone Data Systems
By Dennis Yipp, Greystone & Lyndsey Turner, Reverse Logistics Magazine
Like most companies, Greystone has looked to the Asia Pacific for growth and specifically to Vietnam as a haven in challenging times where cost, engineering expertise, innovation and supply chains are complex and has never been more important in the Aftermarket Service business.
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