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Site Visit: Gailen Vick Visits ecoATM’s San Diego Headquarters
by RLA EditorR
As part of a recent Southern California trip, Reverse Logistics Association President Gailen Vick spent some time at ecoATM’s San Diego headquarterswhere he met with ecoATM CEO Tom Tullie and co-founder/CMO Mark Bowles and received a complete company overview.

Page 12
Sustainable Packaging Solution for Reverse Logistics Can Add Millions to Your Bottom Line
by Paul Cannon, Ecospan
As the demand for consumer electronic devices continues to explode globally, so too does waste generation! Certainly, there is the electronic waste generated at the end of a device’s life but there is also significant waste generated multiple times in the forward and reverse logistics processes for these same devices.recovery.

Page 20
Reverse Logistics in eCommerce
by Craig Smith, Trinity Insight LLC
It’s no secret that a positive experience delivered to a customer determines whether that customer will come back. Retailers must enhance the user experience prior to pressing the “buy” button but also focus on the post-purchase site experience to keep customer retention metrics at satisfactory levels.

Page 25
Reverse Logistics Association is Partnering with CES
By RLA Staff
The Reverse Logistics Association is exhibiting at CES 2012 to promote its members and the solutions they can offer the consumer electronics industry.
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