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Page 28
RLA Conference & Expo: Brazil 2012 Preview
by RLA Staff
Tuesday offers pre-conference workshops. Wednesday is the keynote address by Jose Paulo Pereira, VP de Logistica, Walmart, followed by sessions presented by RL professionals and leading academics.

Page 12
The Challenges and Opportunities for Mobile Phones After Sales in 2012
by David Cope, MGH Consulting
The device landscape has changed markedly with the move to smart-phones and with this a rapid change in the manufacturer landscape.

Page 30
Raising The Bar Through Outsourcing
by Ryan Smith, MyCirclePal.Com
The stereotypes associated with outsourcing are often very negative in nature. However, it is actually possible to utilize the concept of outsourcing to receive the highest quality of work possible.

Page 24
Logística reversa como uma demanda jurídica no brasil: Nova lei de resíduos sólidos
by André Luiz Pereira
No Brasil, em 2008, apenas 27,7% das cidades pesquisadas, descartaram seus resíduos sólidos em aterros sanitários¹. Das cidades mais próximas – em torno de 22,5% depositaram o seu lixo em aterros controlados, e 50,8% fizeram a remoção dos referidos resíduos para áreas a céu aberto.
Page 20
Reverse Logistics as a Legal Demand in Brazil: The New Solid Waste Act
by André Luiz Pereira
In Brazil, at 2008, only 27.7% of the cities surveyed laid their Solid Waste in sanitary landfills¹. Nearby 22.5% of the cities deposited trash in controlled landfills, and 50.8% intended to discard it in open dumps.

Page 37
Technical Trends - Gedankenexperiment
by L. Bryant Underwood
One of the things that Albert Einstein is noted for was the method he used to solve problems. He would approach questions by amplifying the principles associated with the problem in his mind by what he called in his native German, a gedankenexperiment or “thought experiment”.
Page 39
Returning Thoughts - Increase Profits using the Reverse Logistics Cost Equation
by Paul Rupnow
The challenge of every Reverse Logistics Professional is to increase your corporate profits by improving the handling of your returns. Returns processing is made up of many people, processes and costs, so it can be a considerable challenge to assess where to focus your energies to ensure you can achieve the biggest return for time or money invested.
Page 6
Message from the Editor – Macau
By Lyndsey Turner
Macau has brought natural gas public transport to the island to reduce carbon emissions since most tourists will take tour buses or public buses. In addition the government is going to sponsor car owners to transform their existing car into natural gas cars.
Page 8
Message from the Publisher - Staying Strategic Instead of Following Others
By Gailen Vick
RLA has, from its beginning in 2002, assisted our members to stay strategic in their support of vendors and customers. Both the VIP Program and the Lead Generator Program laid the foundation for our exciting annual global Conference Invitation Program (CIP) that was beta tested in 2011!
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