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Page 20
Reverse Logistics in the Military Theater of War: Managing the Deficit
by Major Christopher Baker
The military application of reverse logistics is a balancing act where efficiency, responsiveness, flexibility and risk are all key players that must be addressed when determining both how and when to apply reverse logistic operations.

Page 29
Reverse Logistics Association Conference and Expo, Brazil 2012 Wrap Up
by RLA Staff
Tuesday offered pre-conference workshops. Wednesday was the keynote address by Jose Paulo Pereira, VP de Logistica, Walmart, followed by sessions presented by RL professionals and leading academics.

Page 12
Think out of the box to reduce the cost of retail returns
by Justin Clarke, MGH Consulting
Improving reverse logistics doesn’t have to be about starting from scratch, incremental improvements may be all that is required.

Page 30
Why should I consider IT Asset Recovery?
by Derek Rogers
“why should I consider IT asset recovery?” Since most business organisations don’t have the necessary resources to carry out disposal of this equipment in a reliable and secure manner, they are considering IT asset recovery services.

Page 37
Technical Trends: The Care and Feeding of Technicians
by L. Bryant Underwood
The truth is tough sometimes. But it is the truth nonetheless and the truth is this; the bane of all depot repair management is the struggle of dealing with repair technicians and keeping them productive.
Page 39
Returning Thoughts: Using an RMA Request as a Reverse Logistics Up-Selling Opportunity
by Paul Rupnow
“Would you like fries with that RMA?” Most Reverse Logistics teams have never thought to ask this question. You may be missing a big aftermarket service opportunity to increase your revenues, profits and enhance your customer experience.

Page 6
Message from the Editor
By Lyndsey Turner
After the 3rd Annual Conference & Expo in Sao Paulo, Brazil I travelled to Chile for some R&R.

Page 8
Message from the Publisher: Out Sourcing of Non-Essential Functions
By Gailen Vick
Our staff at RLA just returned from the RLA Conference & Expo in São Paulo, Brasil. It is always fun to travel to other parts of the world to see how professionals in RL manage their day-to-day operations.
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