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Page 26
Reverse Logistics Association Conference and Expo, Brazil 2012 Preview
by RLA Staff
Tuesday offers pre-conference workshops. Wednesday is the keynote address by Neil Ashworth Operations and Development Director Tesco, followed by sessions presented by RL professionals and leading academics.

Page 12
Reverse Logistics of Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts
by Maricon Williamsg
Logistics leads us to understand the uproar of aftermarket motorcycle parts.

Page 28
Smart Energy Solutions Mean Every Paint Job is Green
by David Wiles
With reduced energy and paint use and lower emissions of solvents, its northern Swedish paintshop is the most environmentally sustainable unit of its kind in the world.

Page 18
Logistical Counter March: An Analysis of Reverse Logistics in the U.S. Marine Corps
by Dave Wikler
As the need for lean, expeditious, and fiscally conservative sustainment support moves to the logistics forefront, effective reverse logistics management has become paramount in practically all organizations that use forward logistics; the U.S. Marine Corps is no exception.

Page 37
Technical Trends: Calling Your Shots
by L. Bryant Underwood
One of the most enduring metaphors from Baseball originates from Babe Ruth in Game 3 of the 1932 World Series. The legend is most generally recounted as Ruth pointed to the center field bleachers as a sign to the fans of his intent to hit a home run. On the next pitch, Ruth indeed hit a home run to center field.
Page 39
Returning Thoughts: The Who, What, Where, When and How to Improve Global Visibility with Reverse Logistics Partners
by Paul Rupnow
Successful Reverse Logistics depends on many partners performing functions such as transportation, RMA processing, receiving and sorting, repair or fulfillment.

Page 6
Message from the Editor
By Lyndsey Turner
Amsterdam, I’m told, has 780,000 people who live in Amsterdam own an estimated 881,000 bicycles. Clearly, the Dutch love their bikes but moreover they have found a way to make biking easy, fun and safe for people of all ages. The rest of the worlds large cities should adopt a culture like this, so what is Amsterdam doing?

Page 8
Message from the Publisher: Think Sessions Without an Agenda
By Gailen Vick
Departments should have off-site meetings at least once a quarter to meet with an agenda of nothing other than to discuss ideas, thoughts about improving their company.
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