Edition 40
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Page 20
Mapping Reusables Into Your Supply Chain
by Andrew DeWitt, TOSCA Ltd
Reusable packaging can deliver cost savings, increased material handling efficiencies and reduce a company’s environmental footprint.

Page 12
Are You Delivering? UK Consumer Attitudes Towards Online Shopping Delivery Standards
by Paul Galpin, P2P
Online shopping in the UK is well established and growing. A recent report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that nearly £1 in every £10 is now spent on goods bought online.

Page 30
The challenges and opportunities for mobile phone After-Sales in 2012. Part 2 – Device Manufacturers
by David Cope, MGH Consulting
This article is the second of three which review the mobile phone After-Sales market, challenges and opportunities, from three perspectives. The first article, found in Edition 37.

Page 28
RLA Conference & Expo, Amsterdam a Huge Success
by RLA Staff
Reverse Logistics Association held its Conference & Expo June 19th-21st in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the Movenpick City Center. The event was a success !

Page 41
Technical Trends
by L. Bryant Underwood
Healthy, Lean or Anorexic
Page 43
Returning Thoughts
by Paul Rupnow
Tips to Improve Reverse Logistics Outsourcing Partnerships

Page 6
Message from the Editor
By Lyndsey Turner
Marrakesh Tanneries

Page 8
Message from the Publisher
By Gailen Vick
10 Year Anniversary!
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